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Our vision is to help empower the girl child. This sanitary towels project targets school-going girls from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds in their puberty. Our mission is to forge local and global alliances to end period stigma and empower women and menstruators worldwide.


A period should end a sentence, not a girl’s education.

Girls health and hygiene has been one of the key concerns over the years across the world and Especially in the rural areas,  the education and awareness on menstrual hygiene and usage of sanitary napkins is almost absent. The adolescent girls get information and education on menstruation from her mother and grandmother, who themselves had practiced the unhygienic behaviors for years and thus do not see any harm in the practices of using old cloths during menstruation. 

By creating enough awareness regarding menstrual hygiene’s importance and use of sanitary napkins will help prevent diseases from happening in the rural areas and eliminate the problems faced by the  girl child.

Challenges Faced ...

We’re passionate about changing the lives of girls

Girls Pad Project

The expense of commercial sanitary pads

Girls Pad Project

Absenteeism where girls stay at home rather than attending school when menstruating

Girls Pad Project

Leakage from poor-quality protection materials

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